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Pleasuring the Boss

Making sure that his workers keep in line with what he wants This older man just loves to get his dick suck by young women With an ass like that you can't help but be jealous of this stud Her pussy is so tight and she gets slammed her while laying on the desk

Talk about a mid-year review, this older guy called his brand new accountant into the office to discuss her lack of progress in the role and told her there was only one way to fix this problem and that was taking his huge dick in that unexperienced pussy of hers.

Getting Caught

These two make it a regular thing to flirt in the coffee room Today it's going a lot further that their usual dirty talk Fucking another guy's wife while she's at work is the actions of a player A female co-worker walks in on them both and is shocked and aroused at the same time

If you've ever been in an office environment you will know there is often a lot of sexual tension around and it's not surprising that this blonde slut couldn't wait until out of hour to get slammed by this guy, she doesn't even care that a friend catches her.

Booty in the Bank

She can't help him with his account problems, but there's some things this dime can solve He can't believe that such a fine hottie is sucking him off in public Riding that cock without even finding out the guy's name or number So this is how she continually has the best customer service rating around

This ebony stunner works as a bank teller and she thinks that because she's in a private office no-one can see the way she convinces angry customers to let go of their problems as well as signing up very satisfied new males every day of the week, that's dedication.

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Happy Ending

She's just staring at his toned body and is overcome by lust He opens his eyes mid massage to find his dick getting sucked Like any red-blooded male he takes full advantage of the situation Finishing up inside her and letting the cum dribble down her table

You all know the stereotypes about asian massages that allow you to get a little extra treament at the end, however this hot latina chick gives that to all of her clients and just loves to be pounded by these burly studs and their thick cocks in her suite.

Going Down

Fingering a complete stranger in the elevator just because she looks good It turns out that she is into dangerous sex games and wants it just as much She has to hold off from having an orgasm just from having her pussy licked Managing to stretch her leg up onto the handrail while getting plugged

If you're ever in the elevator with a fine young woman and you find that it breaks down on you both, don't be silly and start calling for help. Instead take advantage of the situation and pull her, you might end up spraying cum all over that girl's face.

Storage Room Session

He got her completely undressed within seconds of getting in there Taking her doggystyle behind the curtain and hoping that no-one can hear it Hoisting that fine blonde ass up further so he has a better angle This slut loves to look deep into your eyes mid-way through sex

When a blonde beauty like this wants you, it's not a time to put her off and start waiting for her to call you, instead you take her into the nearest cupboard and deflower that tight pussy. Cum in it or get her to swallow, it's all erotic and acceptable.

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